Tuesday, July 3, 2007

starting catalina

Hello everybody. I'm looking forward to this KAL and thought I'd share my experience so far with the pattern. I'm using a silk/seacell blend dyed by http://pieceofbeauty.co.uk/ in the Rose Pearl colourway - I will post photos soon - and it's looking lovely. However, I had a few issues with the pattern at first. For a start, judging from the photos the first and last three stitches are garter stitch, but this is not reflected in the chart. Secondly, the key shows \ as meaning p2togtbl on the wrong side, but there are none of these symbols that I could find on a wrong side row. I emailed Gabriella and she got back to me really quickly to say

"You are correct on both counts - there is indeed a three-stitch garter border on both sides - I apologize that that was left off the chart. And the "\" is indeed only used for ssk, and there are no p2tog-tbl - there were originally some p2tog-tbl when I first mapped out the chart, but I forgot to delete that indication when I changed the pattern. Apologies for any confusion! I hope you enjoy knitting the shawl."

I'm very grateful to her for this clarification and am now on row 19! I hope this information is helpful to others knitting this beautiful shawl pattern.

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