Friday, August 17, 2007

My beginning

I have started my shawl just this week. I've never made anything with laceweight yarn before, so I'm hoping that this will work out nicely. I'll try and get a picture up when I have enough done to show something--right now I've got 5 rows. :)

I did have a question--on July 3 Tricia noted that she talked to Gabrielle about the about a 3-stitch garter border on both sides. Does that mean that on the chart at the edge, instead of it being a 3-stitch stockinette stitch it ought to be a 3-stitch garter border instead? So the number of stitches should still be 106 stitches? Just wanted to make sure. I looked at the pictures, it I couldn't tell.

I'm hanging out with friends and knitting tonight, so I'm hoping to make some good progress.

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Ruth said...

Hey Beth - I can hardly wait to see your progress!

About the 3-stitch garter border, that should be instead of stockinette stitch. The number should still be 106 stitches.

If you look at Claudia's and my pictures you can see that both of us used 3-stitch stockinette borders.

When I start over I will do the 3-stitch garter border.

Happy knitting!