Thursday, August 16, 2007

Starting out

Some of our group are absolute beginners to lace knitting. Some of us have yet to start.
For those who have not yet begun; don't fret too much, I know you can do it!

As I have mentioned before, this is my first lace project. So I have made a bunch of mistakes and have had to start over a few times. But I haven't given up. Each time I start over I do better and get further. Eventually I will learn enough to finish this project. You can do this too.

For the beginners among us, Eunny has posted a wonderful series called majoring in lace.
The series includes:
  1. introduction - Shawl construction

  2. part ii - Yarn Choices; Needle Choices; Gauge: Chart Reading 101

  3. part iii - The Structure of Lace; Role of the YO; Role of the Decrease; Movements in Lace Knitting

  4. part iv - Provisional and Invisible Cast Ons; Hard Cast Ons; Circular Beginnings

My two-cents:

  • I put my chart in a plastic sheet protector and then clip it to a clip board

  • I put a piece of painter's tape to cover the line above the one I am working on. This helps me keep my place, and I don't get distracted by what lies ahead.

  • During my purl rows, I often look at the previous row to make sure I have picked up correctly (especially with those double yarn overs).

  • I work in a quiet space without a lot of distractions. Otherwise I make a lot of mistakes.

  • I use tiny closed jump rings as markers.

  • And I count and count and count each row to make certain I have the right amount of stitches between each marker.

  • If I want to stop knitting, I stop at the end of a row.

  • I keep trying. Especially after making mistakes.

Here is a link to another newbie's lace knitting tips.

You can always google your question.

Note: There are no "purl two together through back loop on wrong side" in this pattern.

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